JHEN HAO Paper has a professional team with more than 20 years of paper expertise and innovative thinking. It will infinitely extend the "technological" management platform and core competitiveness to improve service quality and efficiency.

We have professional designers and consistent processing procedures to integrate finished products. The logistics mechanism extending in all directions provides you with convenient and value-added services; Large pings of storage space, all kinds of paper items are available. Computerized management by a dedicated person, and provide online consulting services on the SC platform, Marketing business enters overseas markets.

Based on the mission of contributing to the environmental protection of the earth, the company is committed to promoting low-pollution and low-consumption products, and is striving to develop towards a green enterprise. And we hope that under sustainable operation, we will achieve the multiple goals of recycling and environmental protection, indirectly benefiting people and maintaining the environment, and achieving a win-win situation.

Product Advantages

Mainly green products to reduce pollution caused by subsequent processing

Improve pollution and make the environment sustainable

Reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon tradin

Good quality products made in Taiwan

Future Development

In recent years, due to the rapid changes in global science and technology, more and more industries require more resource input and many problems have emerged. Disasters caused by early global warming have not been paid attention to have become more frequent, and all parties have paid more and more attention to pollution source emissions. Issues, greatly reducing pollution and subsequent benefits are gradually being valued.

We will also uphold the principle of corporate social responsibility, vigorously promote products with environmental considerations. At the same time, we will continue to advance for a challenging future.

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